The Music Studio at Willow Pond Farm

Willow Pond Farm offers private lessons in piano and/or voice for anyone ages 5 – 105.

Private Lessons for Piano and Voice


Jean Dettweiler taught in the public schools for 10 years and in private education for over 20 years. She has been a formal student of voice and piano for over 25 years. She currently sings alto with the Choral Society of St. Catherine University in St. Paul. Jean is a member of ECMMA, Early Childhood Music and Movement Association, and a member of MMTA, Minnesota Music Teachers Association. She is a licensed and certified teacher of Musikgarten – Music and Movement program for children.

Teaching Style

All lessons are tailored to each individual child using teaching methods which are developmentally appropriate and which suit the childʼs learning style. Both visual and aural learning are emphasized so that the ability to play by ear is not lost as students learn the more visual graphic notation. Lessons may include whole body movement, rhythm work, and music games which enhance music theory.


Students between the ages of 5 – 7 begin preparatory lessons which include the use of whole body movement, hand instruments, tonal & rhythm patterns, aural acuity & sound identification, and activities which prepare students for future graphic notation. Lessons focused at the piano usually begin around age 8 when a childʼs hands are large enough to handle the size of the instrument and when attention span is developed. Transfer students are accepted at any age through the Intermediate Level.

Adult beginners are welcome. Curriculum with more mature text is available for new students.

Lesson Duration

Private lessons are 1 hour in duration, although younger students may be asked to take a 30 minute lesson depending on their attention span. Students interested in taking a combination piano and voice lesson are offered 75 minute lessons. Lesson time is spent with each instrument (piano and voice) separately, but includes an overlap with theory and personal accompaniment using basic chord progressions.


Lesson fees are as follows:

30 min.= $20.00

60 min.= $30.00

75 min.= $45.00

All lesson materials such as books, music tools, and contest and exam fees are paid separately as needed.

Parents can deduct lesson fees on their state taxes due to Jeanʼs membership in MMTA.

Performance Opportunities

Two recitals are offered during the year. The Holiday Get-Together in mid-December allows students to play for family members in a casual environment. The Spring Recital provides students with a more formal stage experience where they play in front of a larger audience.

Through membership in MMTA (Minnesota Music Teachersʼ Association) Jean can enroll students in performance contests, comprehensive examinations, composition contests, ensemble festivals and other programs designed to nurture and inspire the developing musician.

Contact Information

If interested in private lessons, please contact Jean. Phone: 651–674–7126 Email: