About Willow Pond Farm

Willow Pond Farm – Center for the Arts & Sciences is an education center dedicated to supporting families in their quests to learn.

Established in 2002, Willow Pond Farm was initiated by a group of parents who were interested in creating a site in which they could share educational experiences with other families. Together, we held common goals for educating our children in a safe, fun, and enriching environment.

Willow Pond was open to everyone interested in learning along with us. We offered part-time courses in the sciences and the liberal arts as well as the fine arts. Classes for homeschooling families, after-school enrichment classes for traditional schoolers, workshops for adults, and camps and retreats for all ages were offered at the center.

The farm, located two miles south of North Branch, is situated on 5 acres of rural land, and is home to sheep, a pig, chickens, dogs, cats and a handful of smaller animal friends. Classes were often conducted outside when the weather was pleasant, or in the cozy education center nestled in the pines.

Ye Olde Barn Theatre, a renovated barn, complete with stage, lighting, and sound equipment was been home to many productions through the years and acted as additional classroom space when it was appropriate. The farm also has a large organic garden, a playing field, a swing-set/play area, a pond for ecosystem studies, a wooded area, and pastures.

[The following is information that was given to co-op members when they became a part of our cooperative.]


Nuts and Bolts

Courses are offered for three 10-week trimesters each year starting in the middle of September and running through the first week of June. Two breaks occur within this time, including an extended break during the month of December and another 2-week break in March. Week-long day camps are offered during the summer. Workshops and retreats are planned throughout the year.

Course descriptions and schedules are posted prior to each trimester. Registration is held at Willow Pond Farm with a pre-registration held via email. Each teacher will determine the maximum number of students allowed in the course. Most courses have a maximum of 8–10 students, with the exception of Choir, Theatre, and outdoor activities. Acceptance in a course will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

The day begins at Willow Pond Farm at 9:00 A.M. and usually goes until 5:30 p.m. Some families come for the whole day and others come for selected classes throughout the day.

A program is scheduled at the end of each trimester. It is a time set aside for the students to “show what they know.” It is also a great time for community-building as most of the families are present for a social event.

Other social events are held throughout the year including an Ice-Cream Social in late summer, a Holiday Humdinger held in December, and a Valentine Valtz in February. A Talent Show and Movie Nights are planned during the summer months.

Class Fees

Willow Pond Farm – Center for the Arts & Sciences offers classes, workshops, camps and retreats at our farm location throughout the year with a per course registration fee. All teachers are independent contractors and can charge a fee beyond what the education center requests for costs. Typically the costs for the facility run between $10 – $15 per hour.

However, fees are individual/family based. Bartering for services or goods is negotiable. Our goal is to include everyone who cares to participate in our unique education adventure, regardless of their financial capabilities.

Private lessons taught at Willow Pond will be charged according to the instructor's fees. See the Music tab for fees pertaining to piano, voice, and Musikgarten-inspired lessons.

If you have any questions, please contact us